The Fun Funnel has received some wonderful endorsements from a wide variety of happy readers. Four and five year olds love it because at heart it is just fun. It has also had some wonderful effects with a range of special needs children. Autistic, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and slow readers have all benefited greatly from the unique concept. It engages children in a way no other comparable product does.

A new concept in books and learning to read……it is magic, I played it with my four year old and he absolutely loved it…It is a great idea.

“Sunrise”, Channel 7 Australian national television

My daughter’s boyfriend came back from Byron Bay and handed me The Fun Funnel to have a look at, you have done a great job on the books and DVD’s. I have worked with children for 30 years and I can see your books being a great help to teachers, carers, and parents whether helping the children to read or just entertaining them.

I will be putting both teachers, carers and parents on to your book in both QLD and VIC.

Gillian Rawle

I work as an Occupational Therapist with children who have autism and have found “The Fun Funnel” to be a wonderful resource. I am constantly encouraging parents to make their child’s book ‘come alive’ and make the character in the story to come ‘out of the book’. This book really complements what these parents are already doing in their story time with their child. I have had some wonderful feedback already from parents of children with Autism and would happily recommend this book to others.

Kate Boyce

Our five year old son, Balin, has autism and we were overwhelmed by how much he enjoyed watching The Fun Funnel. Balin doesn’t like to sit still but when The Fun Funnel comes on he sits still throughout, turning the pages at the appropriate places and reciting the words as the story is told. Even when the movie is not playing he still enjoys reciting the book. The jumping words has sparked his interest in individual words and he often points to words in other books now and asks “What’s that”. The animated scenes give him so much pleasure and have also got him to kick the soccer ball and, at Nan and Pops, he tried to create a Fun Funnel with Pop’s drill press!

We would really love to know when your next book is released.

Scott, Jo and Balin Willis

My son loved your book and reads and watches the DVD all the time, loves the old man in the DVD and laughs his head off. He has Aspergers and really struggles with books, but likes looking at them, he has a love of movies as he gets lots in them, combining the both has been a huge plus for him.

Since he has had this Fun Funnel book he wants more read along stories but gets disappointed with the others on the market as they are not animated like the Fun Funnel one.

When the new “Oskar and His Fabulous Chooks”, is out it is a guaranteed purchase as anything that he enjoys and is educational is a big plus.

Amanda Genua

As a teacher of 19 years I was amazed when my non reader 7 year old asked for the book and followed the words while watching the DVD.

I believe the audio and visual presentation will greatly assist children taking their first tentative steps in reading.

Jo Manitta, Dip.Ed.

Primary School Teacher

South Lismore Primary

I gave the book to a friend of mine. He’s 10, has Down’s Syndrome and has just started reading. He loves TV, so the book integrated with TV has been a massive hit. He watches the words and the movement helps him work out where he’s up to when he gets lost. Nothing else seemed to offer what yours does.

I wish you luck and shall pass your email address on to my friend. You’re welcome to contact me again.

Kerry Taylor

My 7 year old autistic son just loves The Fun Funnel. He likes books but when he saw the same pictures from the book on the TV he was delighted and even more so when the picture came to life.
He has watched it many times now and sings and dances along with the final part of the story.
Now, the first thing he has to do every morning is read the book to me (with actions and noises of course) and he is now beginning to point to the words on the page as we read.
I’m sure he thinks this has been one of the best gifts he has ever received.

Helen Gilmore

My son James has mild/moderate autism, therefore the visuals in the book are very important to him (and other children like him). The movement of the words, as they are spoken, is great for James as he is able to follow the story, even if he does not recognize or understand the spoken word immediately.

Also the movement of the visuals certainly kept James very interested. It made James feel like he was actually in the story too.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and good thoughts that went into this book/DVD.

Will there be other books/DVDs available in the not too distant future? I will certainly spread the word. Again, well done!!

Julie Traynor

I felt I should write to you to let you know my feelings toward your book/ DVD, “The Fun Funnel” that I recently showed to my son who is 9 years old. Fred is not a fan of reading. He finds the whole experience overwhelming.

This was the case until he saw your book. He loved the fact that the words jump up so he knows exactly where you are in the story. He commented straight away, saying how he can see clearly what the storyteller is saying (where he is up to).

His reading has improved no end, he has confidence to read unprompted now and this has happened in a really short space of time since watching The Fun Funnel. The story is happy and has a jolly soundtrack, which my daughter who is 1 loves. A real hit amongst my family. I wish you every success, with this great concept.

It certainly has helped my son and I shall endeavor to spread the word. Wishing you all the best…

Caroline Bell, Gecoz Ecologically Sustainable Living, Children’s Books and Clothing

We bought the DVD/book for our granddaughter who has mild autism to see if she would respond etc, her mother (our daughter) said that at first she didn’t take to them at all that well but later learnt to love them, every now & then she will only want the DVD/book & nothing else, I might mention that she loves DVDs & seems to learn a little from them, dancing/movement/words etc. so this is great.

Annie Skipworth

I have received my copy of “The Fun Funnel” for my son and lent it to his special needs class as well as the teachers, their comments were they were all hypnotized by it and loved it!!
Myself I cracked up. Great visuals, great concept put in such a positive light.

Melissa Poole