Living Story Books is very proud to release the second in the “Storybooks that come to Life” series, Oskar and his Fabulous Chooks.

A madcap tale about following your wildest dreams.

Oskar is a simple old farmer who decides to do just that, to follow his dream even if it is, “How do you make chooks dance and sing”

A bass playing rooster, chickens that can roll on balls and dance in tutus and a band of the funkiest chook musicians you are ever likely to see.

Come and join Oskar as he overcomes great hurdles and in the end he and the chooks produce a show that receives 25 encores.

Oskar and his Fabulous Chooks, part of a series of interactive books for kids, will have the whole family singing and giggling along while at the same time being a strong reading and learning aid.

Download Oskar & His Fabulous Chooks