Robbie Cameron
Author and Producer

As an 18 year old in the beginning of the seventies Robbie departed Sydney and moved to London.

As fate would have it, in 1974 he fell in love with a beautiful Swedish girl and moved to the forests of southern Sweden.

“It was the seventies. We were a self-sufficient hippy commune. We grew a lot of potatoes and spent a lot of time keeping warm. Sometimes all together at once.”

But there was a limit: “After 1 freezing, long winter too many, I yearned for some sunshine” Robbie says.

So in the mid eighties it’s back to Oz and Bondi. For a while he tried being a bongo player in bands you’ve never heard of and then shifted to looking after artists and musicians some of whom you may have heard of.

By the beginning of the new century Robbie had had enough of the music game.

He took a bold step and in 2002  moved to Byron Bay to follow his dream.

“To make a living out of my head and my imagination” was how he put it.

A love of writing silly children stories and inspiration by Spike Milligan has meant in that time, Robbie has built quite a body of work.

He has also dedicated a lot of time to mentoring both children and teenagers, many with special needs (autism and aspergers).

Spending 5 years as a board member of “Uncle” a Byron mentoring project for boys without active fathers.  Something he still does and loves.

DVD Storytime is an expression of all of Robbie’s experience and the joy in reading he has instilled in children through his wonderful stories and his unique way of telling them.

Marielle School Illustrator

Marielle is an artist, a mother and a yoga-instructor.

She specializes in helping people heal food-addiction.

She loves the ocean and good coffee.

Illustrating, playing with colors and making up new worlds for her daughter to play in, is Marielle’s greatest joy.

Originally from Holland Marielle now resides in the US and has also illustrated several other children’s books in the US.